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geeterbeater's Journal

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I love I hate I love I hate
I used to play this game with my favorite bartender YEARS and years ago. Now he's a fat, wet brained wife abuser, but then-? Hey- we were drunks!
Anyway- in this lovely drunkards game we had a notebook that we kept in the bar. We would take turns writing I love -( fill in the blank. Likewise for I hate- SOOOO in the interest of allowing you partial access into my fully demented mind- I will play I love I hate ALL alone for your mind prowling pleasure.
I love taking photographs.
I hate getting up early.
I love coffee
I hate when people punctuate their speech with "uh"
I love hot green salsa
I hate being rushed
I love leisure time and I am in favor of lots more of it!
I hate the regularity with which my favorite things get broken in this chaotic house.
I love that misery DOES love company and I love to share!
I hate that my personality has dissolved.
I love my kids and their placement on this list is in no way an indication of their place in my heart.
I hate that sometimes a word can start look so alien that you cannot remember how to spell it correctly.Weird.
Or is it Wierd? Dammit.
I love the shit out of Limewire.
I hate when you can hear someones spit working in their mouths when they speak to you. Hard core eeeew.
I love Fall
I hate winter
I love eggs. Hard boiled, soft boiled, in omelettes, egg salad, poached, florentine, benedict. You get the picture.
I love being fit.
I hate that I am absolutely NOT fit right now.
I LOVE comedy. Lewis Black, Eddie Izzard, funny movies, funny friends, my funny son.
I hate adrenelin that serves no purpose in the fight or flight reaction, but just generates itself to make trouble.
I love woodfires.
I hate Hummer trucks and all the egomaniacs that feel the need to own them. Fuckers.
I love touching stuff. I'm tactilely curious.
I hate when I get a flashback that makes me sad instead of happy.
I love Ebay and freecycle and craigslist
I hate litter and litterbugs and I get into fights with people who throw their trash on the ground.
I love trees and grass and bugs and sunset and sunrise and the bay and the ocean and dunes and birds and rocks and driftwood and clouds and walking and feta cheese. HAHAHAHA!
I hate toxic dog farts
I love warm coziness in the bed when there is wet cold horriblness outside
I hate that I was not raised on a horse farm. Short sighted parents. Hmmph.
I love being an outspoken loud mouth with a propensity towards violence. Is that bad that I love that?
I hate wakefulness.
I love popcorn
I hate ignorance
I love old movies
I hate the mainstream
I love passionate love
I hate that I don't have it now
I love that when I refer to passionate love you will think I mean sex....