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nothing - geeterbeater
there was nothing particularly mesmerizing in the dust cloud that his truck kicked up when he left. Yet she was unable to look away from the particles as they rose and then settled in the road down which he had just driven. She felt heavy with sadness, having to finally admit to having no sense of connection to the man she had married over 20 years ago. She stood with one dusty boot on the bottom rung of the corral fence and one arm draped over the top rung. Her body language screamed defeat.
She heaved a heavy sigh and turned away from the fence to walk toward the house, but she heard the engine growing louder and knew he was heading back. Did he forget something? She turned back toward the road, a quizzical look on her face, her head cocked slightly. She waited, watching the truck grow nearer.
He pulled up just 5 feet from where she stood and got out, slammed the door angrily and covered the distance between them in two steps. Later she would muse about how difficult it ordinarily was for him to breach distance between them.
"ya know..something struck me as I was driving away"
"do tell"
" you always tell me I am unresponsive, afraid of confrontation and that I don't know how to express myself unless I'm angry, but you just looked at me and didn't say a word when I said I wanted to try a separation, so who is unresponsive now?"
"PETE! for christs sake, you dropped that like a bomb and then got in your truck and drove away!! At what point was I supposed to respond to that?"
He looked at her , uncomprehending as his point was lost and said nothing. She raised her hands skyward and let them drop with a slap against the sides of her legs. "Hopeless" she thought "It's fucking hopeless."
He got back in the truck , she walked toward the kitchen door , scooting chickens out of her way as she walked. The screen door creaked and slammed shut and she listened to the truck roar down the road, again. She sat at the table and dropped her face into her hands.

"snails 022.jpg"
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