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sniggering little virus thingy - geeterbeater
sniggering little virus thingy
So . like all the tangible journals in my life , this virtual one has also proven to be a trigger for my quitting mechanism. Oh , i began with all good intentions, optimistic, even excited by the thought of transcribing my many brilliant htoughts ( ha!) into a semi cohesive assemblage in order to be amused by them at a later date. Then after having been stymied over a year ago by the process of adding pictures to my journal I have not been back to add a single illuminated word.
And now words rush by me like the highway lines I speed over daily. Not enough time to focus on the one rushing towards me before it is behind me and the next one is now rushing forward.
Yeah. Kind of like the years of my life. Oh shit , this is crushingly depressing. Mental note: dont write when you are sick,

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