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whatever whatever what e v e r - geeterbeater
whatever whatever what e v e r
When I was a kid and wished I was a grown up.... lordylordy did I not know what I was in for. I mean it didn't... WHY IS THERE A BIG FUCKING ROCK UNDER MY KEYBOARD WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE I LIVE WITH????? hhhhhh shit just a little sidetracked there for a minute- anyway it wasn't like I just grew up all of a sudden. It was inevitable, but I mean.. to hope? For THIS??? Fuckin insane.

I say fuck a lot. Just a little note there to the dangerously unobservant.

I want a little clicky button that I can just tap and put in a picture . And FUCK HTML.
There. I said fuck again.

Who SAYS I'm grown up?
I have bowls of rocks and wood all over my house. I put snails in the dollhouse to sleep on the beds. Awesome. I could show you the pictures if I had a little clicky button.
Last week I rode a full size school blackboard down the fire lane and all the way to my house.
Two days ago I tore through brambles to catch two fat white pigeons. These are not the actions of a grown person.

Saturday I have to drive those pigeons to Jersey. They want to see the ocean.
HAHAHAHAHHAH whew. kidding. I have to bring them there to a rescue lady who is going to take them.I don't want to take care of them because they have cooties.

Current Mood: how did i get here?
Current Music: you know my name- john lennon

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green_eye_tears From: green_eye_tears Date: October 15th, 2006 01:37 am (UTC) (Link)
I hope everyones right and I am a lot like you... cause I want to ride a blackboard down the main road in my town.
where did you get one with wheels?!?
you are my idol.

ps- about the pictures. upload them to imageshack.us then just cut and paste the one that says "hotlink for websites"
see look... i did it:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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